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Amy Crandall By xXAmy_CXx Completed

|The Betrayal Trilogy: Book 2|

I shake my head, trying to bring my thoughts into focus. Flashes of her lifeless eyes echo through my head, wanting to escape, but not being able to. I fight the urge to burst into tears at the thought of her stab-ridden body. All that blood...all the tears in her flesh, tears I caused. Now, she is standing before me, perfectly healthy, her wounds gone. 

I feel her hand wrap around my arm gently. "Sweetie, it's okay, I'm here."

Tears cloud my vision. I can't stay strong, not anymore. "No, this isn't real," I say, almost vibrating from the shock of it all. "You're not real!"


As Melanie Larkin wakes in the back of a van after being chloroformed and taken from her temporary home, she's only certain of three things:

One, her mother is dead.

Two, she believes she will never see Xavier again.

Three, she knows she's losing her mind.


#6 in Horror on October 5th 2015
Published on July 7th 2015
Completed on October 8th 2015

pb113379 pb113379 Aug 13, 2015
I loved the first book so much every time I read a chapter or a new paragraph it would leave me wanting to read more, I cannot wait to read this because the first one was amazing and surly this one will be to!
BeautyInTheFall0ut BeautyInTheFall0ut Aug 12, 2015
no, if he loved her she would not have been killed by him. wow just wow. woooowowowoowowwow
epickat1234 epickat1234 Jul 11, 2015
Whelp, that's unfortunate. Now how is she going to get herself out of this situation? Hmmmm.....  * turns brain on*
Bluiebirdie17 Bluiebirdie17 Jul 09, 2015
...woah. This chappy is riveting! It makes me want to read more!!
Bluiebirdie17 Bluiebirdie17 Jul 09, 2015
...woah. This chappy is riveting! It makes me want to read more!!
LinzyKate LinzyKate Jul 08, 2015
This...this was so intense, and so perfect. The ending was just flawless...and I have so many feelings coming back because of her mom and Laura. :( It was such a heart-wrenching chapter! Nice job!