Unsought Intensions

Unsought Intensions

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fem-gamer By fem-gamer Updated Nov 07, 2017

"It can't be over yet, I still have matters to take care of. I know that there's still something I need to do though I don't know exactly what that is yet. I need to go back and live to figure it out. To have a chance at life again as every time I gave it up to protect the world" 

What happened after the events of Yugioh DM. Atem's POV (for the most part, there will be areas where it's not in his POV). puzzle/blindshipping and some other pairings!

There will be a sequel book when this one concludes. Sequel book will start in 2018 and try to update at least once a month!

  • atem
  • blindshipping
  • dark-themes
  • love
  • puzzleshipping
  • romance
  • yami
  • yamiyugi
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YaoiDaisuki69 YaoiDaisuki69 Jun 02, 2017
I need to do. ........ Yugi
                              Yeah you heard he still need to do Yugi
Zaneta_Christine Zaneta_Christine Feb 06, 2017
Hach,  it was a damn intense story. To imagine,  that Yuugi was Heba in his past life is very romantic for me.  Heba's sacrifice for Atem top,  cause this is true deep love in my eyes. 
                              Thank you so much for that masterpiece.
YukinoMusume YukinoMusume Mar 01, 2017
*laughs in hysterics*
                              Better start teaching you guys! 
                              *continues laughing*
YukinoMusume YukinoMusume Mar 01, 2017
YukinoMusume YukinoMusume Mar 01, 2017
whitestormsky whitestormsky Nov 04, 2015
Oh boy... this sounds like a great story! Can't wait to read more. On to the next chapter!!