The Lemon Games

The Lemon Games

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narutofan2000 By narutofan2000 Updated Jul 10, 2017

Naruto walked alongside his team reading his book. He found out that the 'game manual' could actually turn into another book if he needed it to. He found it easier to read and then have to deal with someone's questioning if he didn't have to try and come up with a believable lie.

Currently he was reading about a space mercenary and was on one of the steamier romance portions of the book. He giggled sometimes, quite like a white haired Sannin. It caught Sakura's attention unfortunately and she was hovering over his shoulders trying to read.

Again, unfortunately Sakura had a tendency to read aloud. "'After a time, the pain ebbed and was replaced by a new pleasure. She breathed heavily as he moved even faster and she met his strokes, driving him even deeper into her body.' What the hell are you reading?" Sakura asked sounding angry.

Kakashi picked up on what she had said and was suddenly over Naruto's shoulder reading the book himself, rather intently on that page. "Next page please Na...

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Misaki-yui Misaki-yui Jun 15, 2017
This book seems to be conectes with another story by the name of 'The Lemon Game' written by minhdzung. It seems the story's are connected and what chapters one story doesn't have the other does