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Gray By Gray18 Updated 17 hours ago

A horse ranch. That's where I lived at least. I know, not very exciting to those of you who don't care for this life or think it's all about work. But let me tell you, you're actually quite wrong. It's a very exciting job and the best part is is that I get to work with one of my favorite animals every day. Horses.

You may also think that it's all about the mucking stalls, cleaning hooves, making sure they have water, feeding them, and what not, making it a pretty boring life. Sure, some of these are cons with living with the horses but the pros are even better. You stay in shape if you do everything right and actually put work into it, and you can have fun riding horses doing many different activities like barrel racing, jumping, roping, or just the plain racing on the race track. If you love doing these things and love horses, you wouldn't want to have any other life.

But one night, all of that changed. I had gotten lost somewhere in the woods in the middle of the mountains with my horse Storm. Usually I knew exactly where I was going and where I was but my horse had gotten spooked and raced far into the mountains. I tried slowing Storm down but he wouldn't. I soon became lost with no idea where to go and that's when he showed up. He claimed that I was his mate and I was to be his forever.

Thinking he was crazy, I turned Storm around to start running but imagine my surprise when he raced ahead of me and changed into a wolf right in front of my eyes. Effectively kidnapping me and taking me with him to his home, or prison I might say.

This is my story and what happened when I was taken by the Alpha.


I will try not to make this the usual cliche werewolf story besides mainly that it's the girl getting the Alpha. Hope you enjoy and like it! Tell me what you think of it!

18forest18 18forest18 Jun 06
What wasbthe author thinking when she wrote this mess of words
KylieHannah KylieHannah Apr 23, 2016
This is amazing. It's well written so far and I enjoy reading it, which is the most important part. Your readers enjoy this story. It's fantastic!
-CountryLover- -CountryLover- Jul 23, 2016
Im a natural red head and I have freckles everywhere. Sometimes I hate them and wish I had smooth freckle less skin.
RWBY0001 RWBY0001 Aug 22, 2016
This is y u dont go out in the woods , in the middle of the night , without permission   
                              Because in the end u always get kidnapped I mean yh ur wild but don't over do it ok
Rockchicforever849 Rockchicforever849 Jun 13, 2016
Sure freckles are annoying but they do have their own true Beauty to them, I am literally covered in them 😂🙈
RedAsSnow RedAsSnow Aug 05, 2016
My mom has had to tell me this about my sisters....oh well 😅