The Bad Girl and the Good Boy... Or Are They???

The Bad Girl and the Good Boy... Or Are They???

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"Blake! Where are you?" I yelled. 
"I'm in the basement". He screamed.
I smiled wickedly.

"Can you come up here please. It's important."

I heard his feet going up the stairs and immediately got excited. 

"What happened? Is everything alright?" He rushed into the room with nothing but his shorts on. Holy fuck. 

"Yeah, I need an extra tutoring session."

"W-w-why are you wearing t-that?" he said as he pointed to my two piece set of Victoria Secret lingerie.

"Oh this? It's just something I wear when I'm studying " I replied.

"Y-you didn't wear that the last time we were studying" he whispered as he blushed. Awww. 

I walked up to him, standing closely. "I didn't need it then."

"And you need it now?" he asked confused.

"Mmhmm" I replied, touching his bicep. 

"So, can you help me with some math? I'm having trouble with some stuff." 

"S-sure" he said shyly, looking down. 

I smirked. I pushed him on the bed, straddled him, and attacked with a kiss.


Kayla Rose is a badass who has been kicked out of all of the schools in her district. She skips school, does drugs, vandalized, basically anything a good person would never think of. She can no longer be dealt with in any part of Cali. So where is this Miami born badass being moved to? New Jersey. 

Blake Davis is an adorable nerd who has never once talked to a girl without running away or embarrassing himself. He gets good grades everyday, goes to mathletes, reads comic books, basically anything that makes a badass gag.

But, what if that wasn't always the case?
What if the good boy used to be bad and the bad girl was secretly good?
And what if they lived under the same roof?
Would they be able to find the truth about eachother, or keep their secrets?
Read to find out...

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raerae101rdm raerae101rdm Aug 01, 2015
i have changed the main charcters name from Evelyn to Kayla. sry for any mistakes