Nefarious » Theo Raeken

Nefarious » Theo Raeken

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This was written a while back so a lot of it is badly done and a lot of issues are poorly tackled. 

Kara Dunbar promised herself no drama when she moved to Beacon Hills.

But then her brother was turned into a werewolf and she got sucked into the world of the supernatural. 

Now it's senior year and she wants to focus.

That means no distractions. 

No more crazy supernatural dramas. 

And definitely no boys.

Well, that's until she meets Theo Raeken.

[Season 5] 

*I do not associate with, agree with or encourage Theo's type of character in this story. 

© _toxicity 2015

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danygalindob danygalindob Jul 03, 2017
I just finish reading the fanfic of Isaac...and i really hate  Theo right now
emily10swan emily10swan Jan 18
when i first saw theo i thought "Cute....but i don't exactly trust this bae."
Tpc6233f Tpc6233f Jul 02, 2016
do you pronounce it care-a or car-a bc I have the same name and I pronounce it the first way
scorch_stiles scorch_stiles Jan 05, 2017
I'm no stranger to the supernatural world... I'm on like season 8 and Sam and Dean have just taken away my social life
SmallSmiler84 SmallSmiler84 Sep 05, 2015
Last I check L wasn't  an extended summary or a summary for that matter because that's all I am seeing is the letter L
Johannamarie_Reyes Johannamarie_Reyes Jul 22, 2015
Yass he's cute and has an amazing voice I saw him in cali for comic-con at their MTV booth signing on my b-day