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trappin dani 🛐 ✨ By simplydaani Completed

He was just a hurt boy who needed 
love and affection.

That's all he ever wanted, that's when I realized that's all I ever wanted.

I just wanted to help him, but damn, I wasn't even supposed to know he exists.



lmao in my school advanced classes are the "standard" classes. you have to choose between advanced (basically standard), accelerated (advanced in standard school except 100000x harder) and gifted, which only certain kids get accepted into. sooo yeah
ohokaycentineo ohokaycentineo Dec 04, 2016
me neither though bc I'm good af even though I swear like 5/7
-insomniacs -insomniacs Nov 04, 2016
blackbear is my favorite artist. his acoustic album is 👌🏼👌🏼
Well. That's awkward. Because this about Grayson😂👌🏻
ulfatha ulfatha Dec 25, 2016
Is it weird he sounds like the voice Ethan used for Grayson in the reenacting fanfictions