Pride comes before the fall. 

The Seven Deadly Sinners

    Hala Alden!? 😂😂 hindi nagets sa iba kung bakit si Alden hahaaayyysssttt
    Sweetest_A Sweetest_A Aug 03
    Akala ko si Mallory yung lalaki HAHAHHAHA eh don't tell me name ng girl Derek? Or was that just some words na kailangan pa e translate
    this doesn't remind me of alden tho lol with honey colored eyes??? nah
    When u were describing this guy the first that comes into my mind--ian veneracion
    Habang di ko pa kayang basahin yung latest chapter ng kay audrey ito muna.
    I remember this quote from this kid movie,when u hit rock bottom,theres only one way to go,but Up! I think it was Sing!