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The Accidental LOVE ||✔

The Accidental LOVE ||✔

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Kris Sean By kris_sean Completed

"Abhay please.....please don't." i said while backing off from him. "why darling? did you forget, i am your dear husband" he said while evilly smirking at me. i moved further away from him colliding my back with wall. 'gosh ! i have no escape now.' "abhay, please...please no." i said while tucking at my towel which is covering my bare body in a very minimal way. "oh really, should i leave you? never." he said while his smirk changed into fuming anger. "you did really wanted to have a right on me as my wife, so here it is." he paused. this anger state of abhay really scared the hell out of me. i know i must have not said that but here i am struck with a fuming abhay. i stared silently at him with fear clearly written on my face, he becomes a beast with his anger. "i am giving you the right as my wife and in return i will execute my rights as a  true husband too." he said while pressing his body against mine and in a split second pulled the hem of my towel, i stood in front of him completely naked. he started to stare at my bare body with a  dominating smirk playing on his lips. 
so, here it is. actually i don't know what happened but suddenly the beginning of the story vanished. i wrote again with addition of some hot romance. so much more is yet to come in this book. so keep waiting and give me a chance as i am a new writer and this is my very first story.
i can guarantee you that it is a full to hot romantic story .
thanking you.
yours KRIS.
highest ranking up till now. #25 in romance

- - Mar 01, 2016
Definitely!! I hope my millions of comments and votes are indeed an encouragement!!!! All writers need to know they are very appreciated.
- - Mar 01, 2016
Yay!! I'm a hopeless romantic too yaar!!! Glad we have that in common. Just from that I know this story will be AMAZING!!
SravyaReddyChamala SravyaReddyChamala Jan 12, 2016
I m nt abl 2 read it....the content is nt displying...cud u plz hlp me...
rp2691 rp2691 Dec 30, 2015
Actually it happens alot only in south India surely not in north India ; that's why people get confused. So replace India by south India that's it.
rp2691 rp2691 Dec 30, 2015
It happens only in south india not in entire india, so plz correct it
kris_sean kris_sean Dec 11, 2015
Not incest. In India we people sometimes marry mother's brother's son or father's sister's son...who is in turn a marrying a cousin is not incest.