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8th Time's The Charm

8th Time's The Charm

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♥Sushi Roll and Burrito♥ By MixRou Updated Oct 28, 2015

Levi is known to be the most notorious, most untolerable teen in the Ackerman's whole generation's history. He made his personal maids cry and insane just by being with him half a day, broke the record of having 7 maids kicked out in the very same week. And when a certain broke college student heard that Kuchel Ackerman needed a temporary maid for his son due to having a business trip for a week or two he jumped in when he have the chance(hey the payment is handsome!)...

Eren... You have no idea what you're putting yourself into....

Eren is that ray of light in Levi's life he just can't get rid of. And it's perfect,
AkitaKyoko AkitaKyoko Apr 29
Actually, my father was carrying me and as he walked through the door, my head hit the door frame. The 'bang!' was quite loud actually..... and I'm totally fine....... I think?
I see "Ma" and I think of Timone from the Lion King.. not quite brain, not quite.
INeedCoffeeHelpMe INeedCoffeeHelpMe Jul 19, 2016
Rourou fro MixRou omg I don't believe I read one with your work yet! I'm so excited! MixMix is super good and I bet you're awesome too!
MixRou MixRou Jul 06, 2015
@AnimeNekoMeow hey its aight *pats* ouo manners are important specially with a ... royalty... *cringed* never would I want to be close with your typical snobby wealthy kids. No offense to the rich ones just... I have my own share with those type of guys. Glad to know I'm not in tgeir world -Rourou