Nerdy And The Beast [COMPLETED]

Nerdy And The Beast [COMPLETED]

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Princess Genie By TheBaconGuru Completed

In which two very different worlds collide.


This book is based off a 13 years olds fantasy (aka many years ago) so it's really cliche and has a lot of plot holes. 

[#113 in Werewolf.]

Yay I'm glad I can read this in its entirety great start and added to my library
I like that style Doe, I just put on some pants (even if they are baggy) and a long shirt or a baggy tank top and a flannel 2x my size, so on like a medium,that thing is like I think a large or extra large
Hell yes be like a dragon ball z announcer : " The fight has begun, will she ever be able to help him or will she die mercilessly under his paw?, next time on Nerdy and the Beast"
I thought at first she said we're gonna try to recreate Tarzan. I was like Say What!?!?!?
-McNuggets- -McNuggets- Nov 27
Yo who's the 13 year old who thought off this ?!there too young!!
TJs_Story TJs_Story Nov 01
My brothers names is Logan...haha this is gunna be awkward...but imma read it wanyway it sounds great