JP (model) living a double life

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June-Pearl, model in Florida. Her boyfriend Tyler sold her out for money and fame. New school, New start but that doesnt stop her from falling again. Her love leaves her heart broken. but she cant stop the heart break from happening over and over. will he ever win her back or will she ever let him in?
                                    It's a romance/fantasy novel called "The Royal Mystery Man Stepped Into the Ball Room" 
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What does JP look like? You didn't really describe her...Great story! Keep posting!
TYLER!!! she models with? (idkkk man im guessing here)
awww... im really sorry.. now im back!!!! im back!!! im ready to read all ur stories again!!! lol.. i had my computer fix now... so yeah... 
                                    hmmmm... badass ROMEO.. not bad!!! lol... cant wait for the next chapter... 
                                    and oh yeah... happy holidays to all!!!! XOXOXO
love it!!! i wonder who would be her love of her life... lol.... keep it up!!!! 
This story is awesome.  Maybe her asshole ex-boyfriend/manager ran over Romeo's little sister?  That way, when he kills her ex, he'll be doing them both a favor?