Dirty Celebrity Imagines ;)

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ldjdrvkcjdynjdd By ldjdrvkcjdynjdd Updated 2 years ago
Hey girlies! I'm Zara, a newbie to Wattpad, but I've been writing dirty and sweet imagines for a long time. I take requests, :) just look at the first section of my book to see what to inbox or comment me :).
can you do three different imagines for me?
                                    name: Alyssa Malone
                                    who: Justin Bieber, Luke Hemmings and Luke Brooks 
                                    setting: bedroom
                                    dirty and sweet
                                    I am Latina and have brown eyes and brown hair with blue tips. I want them to be sweet but a little aggressive in the stories.
Name:Zara :D ( no kidding bro )
                                    Celebrity:Niall Horan
                                    Setting:Dublin ( Ireland )
                                    I got brown hair, brown eyes , maybe with glasses and an attitude. Thx
                                    Celebrity:justin bieber
                                    I got blach hair,my eye color is black too,i like to act swaggie like him , I like to wear shades and hats oh and supras, I dnt like skirts  just shorts or jeans like that.
Hi, the names Jaime, I would like one with Harry styles, dirty+romantic. I have blonde hair, im 5'5, fit body. I'm from the uk but live in Canada
I'm magali I'm a souther so I have a ascent and I'm wild I'm half Native American and half white. I want one with Liam, Niall, Louis.my setting in New Orleans cause I'm from their and I want if dirty please and I want naughty,romantic,rough. Thanks love :)
Samantha Reyes, Jake T. Austin, dirty, hotel, I'm short, have a nice butt, my hair color is auburn, I'm Latina and have Brown eyes. p.s. I'd like Jake 2 b aggressive in the story. THANX