The Beauty's Beast

The Beauty's Beast

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*slowly editing*

When he saw the horrific look on my face, Alec looked away, a look of shame on his face. He barked out a mirthless laugh before stating, "You think I'm a beast."
	Without thinking, I immediately placed my hand on top of his. The moment our hands touched, an addictive, wild current of electricity bolted through me... filling me with hot desire and urgent need from the top of my head to the soles of my feet.
	Every muscle in his body tensed at my touch, but he didn't pull away. Instead, his eyes slid to where our hands connected. I noticed a slow, hot burn brewing in the depths of his silver-like eyes.
	"Never," I murmured, tantalized with his unusual eyes. I felt an aching in my fingers to touch more of him, but I stopped myself. "Not once did I see anything beastly in you. You are, and always will be, Alec to me."

One midnight, Lily Ellison went out to the woods to witness the blossom of a rare flower, named the Night Blooming Cereus. But the night turned for the worse, when she was attacked by two men, and in return, she accidentally killed one of them.

Because of this, suddenly she was thrust right at the middle of a world she didn't even know existed: the world of the werewolves. 

With a pack of wolves hot on her trail and her dad's life in jeopardy, Lily Ellison didn't have much of a choice but to strike a deadly deal with the notorious Alec Donovan. Alec will protect her and her father, but with a condition: she must live under Alec's roof. 


This is a modern retelling of Beauty and the Beast. If you like a good mystery with doses of paranormal romance, this book is for you. <3 Please give this book a chance. Thank you :)

P.S: The story itself doesn't really have any mature content. Only the bonus chapter. (That's why I marked it mature. Didn't want to get in trouble with Wattpad) So to those who are looking for erotic books, nope. Sorry, this isn't for you.

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I adore your vocabulary. Your style of writing is incredibly unique, and I am greatly impressed by your descriptions. This is one book, I will surely continue reading!
TheWolfAndTheHeart TheWolfAndTheHeart Jan 29, 2018
For some reason, I'm imagining everyone with an English accent. I've been playing too much Zelda.
kristalyse kristalyse Mar 14, 2016
Mind is often better than brain when referring to sanity.  But you do you.
kristalyse kristalyse Mar 14, 2016
"He said something" then use a semicolon "; something I still dream about." No sometimes :)
kristalyse kristalyse Mar 14, 2016
"When our eyes connected to one another" is a phrase you used exactly just moments ago. Think of rephrasing, maybe.
kristalyse kristalyse Mar 14, 2016
I would help*, "it should sting a little, but feel better"*, "blood, but I didnt want", and last but not least you dont need to say the wound wasnt fatal :) if it were hed be dead.