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A Sharp Blade (Jeff the Killer x Reader)

A Sharp Blade (Jeff the Killer x Reader)

27.3K Reads 1.2K Votes 34 Part Story
LoserNoLife By natureWolf Completed

A long time ago, your family was murdered. If it wasn't for the police arriving just on time, you would be dead. You forgot a bit of your childhood, but didn't forget your family. Especially the one who killed them, Jeff the Killer. His lidless eyes, pale face, and the smile cared into his cheeks.
   After the murders, you start a new chapter with your Aunt and Uncle. Until the murderer returns to finish the job. Because of him, you learn new things. About your family, and even your Aunt and Uncle.
   This heartless monster has ruined your life, but when you learn why Jeff is who he is? Will things between the both of you change?


I love the Oujia board I was a little kid when I watched it so cool and I laughed when people die the gorier the better
                              (I was a messed up kid and now I am still messed up)
*kicks Jeff where the sun doesn't shine* 
                              Jeff: mother f$&king b$&%# 
                              Me: its defensive instinct I am sorry *tries to hold back laughter*
                              Jeff: GO TO SLEEP
                              Me: *kicks him again*
                              Jeff: that was on purpose 
                              Me: yep also cause to tried to kill me a$$
Lizzy hmm is anyone else thinking of Lizzy from black butler
Xx_AssassinNeko_xX Xx_AssassinNeko_xX Sep 03, 2016
I was so scared of the movie I had nightmars for 3 months!!!!!!!
I love that movie! I'm 12 and watch horror movies at 12am to 3-4 am every weekend! And I love it!! :3