joshler one shots

joshler one shots

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trent By heavymemesoul Updated Aug 09, 2016

dj spooky jim: Hey ty.

tyler j: yo spooky jim waddup

dj spooky jim: I need to tell you something, can i come over?

tyler j: ughh what is it? I don't feel like getting out of bed.

dj spooky jim: tyler, it's important. Well kind of..

tyler j: ugh k come over then. I'm still angry at you for making me get out of bed tho.


I hopped into my car and started to drive to Tyler's house. I was a nervous wreck. I didn't sleep at all last night. I've been planning this for a while, telling Tyler my feelings for him. I couldn't care less if he likes me back, i just need him to hear this. I just hope he doesn't hate me and unfriend me. Tyler is my only friend so i don't think that would turn out well for me if he ditched me. 

I arrived at his house and knocked on his door. He finally opened it after 4 knocks. When he finally opened the door, I felt butterflies in my stomach. He looked at me strangely. 

"Hey Josh, come in."

He opened the door wider and lead me to his room. His mom greete...

-voiddamon -voiddamon Jul 11, 2016
I told my mom tears rushing down my face she's like Ben you loved girls since b4 pre-k 
                              I'm going to hell
foodrage foodrage Jul 02, 2016
why the f u c k is this triggering me its just a story. its just a story. its just a story
LowOutBoyAtChemPanic LowOutBoyAtChemPanic Sep 21, 2016
What if they were about to kiss and just when their lips touched Josh started screaming
ThatEmoTrashcan ThatEmoTrashcan Aug 02, 2016
Fun story: I found this in another story and I was like "Cool lets read this" and then I read the comments and I was like "Oh I read this before"
Semiautomadick Semiautomadick Aug 07, 2016
kbear712 kbear712 Jun 24, 2016
Guess they didn't follow their motto. And now all the fans are gonna die. Cuz they are dead. Bye guys see you in the afterlife.