joshler one shots

joshler one shots

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trent By heavymemesoul Updated Aug 09, 2016

I tapped my pencil  on my desk, flipping through the stacks on stacks of homework in front of me. I sighed, I really hate doing homework. I leaned back in my chair and thought. I noticed my phone  go off and i quickly grabbed it. 


 I waited for the person on the other line to answer. 

"Hey ty, can i come over?"

 I  smiled a little.

"Of course, Jish."

My heart melted a bit when i heard Josh giggle.

"Okay, cya then."

 "Ok, cya."

 I hung up the phone and continued tapping my pencil, staring down at the paper. It was math, I was no good at math. 

I was interrupted by my thoughts by my mother knocking on my door.

"Tyler dinner is ready."

 I sighed, I wasn't hungry. I was too stressed. 

"Okay, be down in a minute."

 I set my homework to the side along with my pencil and stood up. I ran down the stairs to be hit with the scent of spaghetti. I grabbed a plate and started to spoon the food onto it. 

"Tyler, are you alright?"

 I looked up at her. 

"Oh yeah, I'm fine. Just...

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scaredybat scaredybat May 11, 2017
like baby baby baby oHHHH
                              that's what tyler will be saying soon :)
                              i'll regional at best 
                              i'll go
                              what even was that 
                              i've ran out of jokes 
lonely_writer6 lonely_writer6 Mar 23, 2017
Jish inst aloud any frens.  As soon as he does tyjo get jelly 😂 any frens jish has Tyler says, "git ur own fren"
youdunwrongboi youdunwrongboi May 01, 2017
I cry whenever I get really happy,fangirl,scream why I scream is because of fangirl
oheymaybegay oheymaybegay Jul 11, 2016
I told my mom tears rushing down my face she's like Ben you loved girls since b4 pre-k 
                              I'm going to hell
foodrage foodrage Jul 02, 2016
why the f u c k is this triggering me its just a story. its just a story. its just a story
Starlight00001 Starlight00001 Sep 21, 2016
What if they were about to kiss and just when their lips touched Josh started screaming