Brothers (Ziall Horlik ) AU

Brothers (Ziall Horlik ) AU

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Like any other modern family, parents get remarried and have a child as a symbol of their new found love.

Zayn Malik's mother was left to raise the young boy on her own when he was just a baby. As a common result of being abandoned by a parent, he grew up angry and full of emotions no one understood. He had one outlet and that was his little half-brother.

Niall Horan was born into this small mixed family a year after his father married Zayn's mother. He was probable the golden child in the family. His cute ways also helped him get away with anything.

The only one who tries to help Zayn is Niall. Will he get close enough to his troubled half-brother to see what's really wrong? Will these two become closer than just brothers?

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GirlyYoongi GirlyYoongi Dec 09, 2017
luke get yo bread stick ass out of here!! go with your boyfriend michael
GirlyYoongi GirlyYoongi Dec 09, 2017
when i look for zill fanfic im just like let me find brianna lol
cherryprisc cherryprisc Jun 28, 2017
my little brother cried so hard when i first carried it . it was uncomfortable and i'd rather not
I don't have any full brother's my only full sibling is my sister.
Poweredbypancakes Poweredbypancakes Nov 20, 2017
I have a half sister and she's just mentally unstable 😂😂
8farah 8farah Aug 28, 2017
Oh man come here zayn we love you so much *hugs zayn* GUYS A GROUP HUG PLEASE !!!