Frozen Fear Book. 2

Frozen Fear Book. 2

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Book. 2

Mab was as magnificent and alluring as always, her skin as pale as porcelain in the silvery moonlight. Her hair was a sterling gray, a curtain of silk running over her shoulders and down to her naval, her black dress a startling yet marvelous contrast to her pale beauty. I was captivated, for a moment, by the weight of her piercing gaze. I could see the years she lived there, the weight of the loss she'd endured, the heaviness of immortality. But yet, her stare didn't hold as much power as it used too. Not only could I see her burden, but I could see the fear of dying.



Eve Scotts has left the Winter Palace in shackles with Sebastian, whose memories were wiped clean, stumbling beside her. But she can't forget everything she'd left behind: her people who desperately need her - to save them from her cruel mother, Mab, and a certain elven knight that made her question everything - Foster Quinn. He helped her in her time of need, and involuntarily, she fell for him. 

Determined to save Foster from her mother's evil clutches, Eve must convince Akan Ford and the rest of the Order to allow her to slip back into Tir Na Nog to steal her mothers amulet, and retrieve Sebastian's memories. And possibly end the devastating reign of Queen Mab. 

But there's a problem. Eve's guilt is eating her alive. She just can't get over killing Sebastian's sister.

A storm is brewing, thick and heavy and the secrets hidden by both sides are as shocking as they are deadly. This electrifying next novel in the Wicked Winter Chronicles goes into more depth of the hatred between witch and fae, and sets Eve against the darkness that has grown on her soul like a plague.

Word Count: 98,000