Rogue Cheney x Reader

Rogue Cheney x Reader

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formerly: Acnologia_Slayer By mochapineapple Completed


You're still new to Sabertooth, while Rogue's only known the said guild for most, if not the entirety of his life. You want to scale the metaphorical food chain until you're at the very top, while Rogue's more than content with his current standing.

And you're merely fascinated by him, while Rogue's completely smitten.

Imagining him doing ballerina. O-O That's just weird. And then it'll be more weird if he wore a pink dress! O/////O
Sting, don't you dare go and do that to the girls. I will stab each and everyone of them to earn you. I will even cut their heads off if you like...hehe...😇
- - Aug 30
Oh gosh I'm imaging rogue dancing like a idiot...gosh no O-O
I need an Alpaca friend with a top hat and a bow tie to cuddle with because they're soft and fluffy! Unlike you, Rogue.
fabizmyname fabizmyname Jul 06
Every time I see the word "dab" or I see someone dab a little part of my souls dies a horrible death
poppyppop poppyppop 6 days ago
Ok there are two Yuki's in SAO Yuki from Future Diary Yuki from Vampire knight and about 4 other Yuki's I know so which one