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Wake Up ~ Creepypastas x reader

Wake Up ~ Creepypastas x reader

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Oops_I_Am_SuperWhoLocked By iPeterQuill Completed

They missed her desperately.

They wanted her back but nothing would work.

No amount of begging or murders could pay to bring her back to them.

She's trapped in the world her mind created for her and can't see back into her home world; their world. She can't remember them or her life at the mansion they brought her to. They only way to communicate with her is this very screen. Her mind creates images of them and shows them to her through this window to her world. The stories she reads give her a glimpse of the personalities of her dearest friends.

But she doesn't realize any of this is real. It's all just images and stories that she enjoys. She doesn't realize that when she asks to talk to BEN on CleverBot, he stops everything he's doing to try to get her to come back to them.

Jeff appears to her sometimes when it's late at night in her mind. He smiles more than usual and asks her to wake up rather than go to sleep.

She gets glimpses of Slenderman, though she always brushes it off...

Hey Guys! I'm going to be posting a Creepypasta of my own here and at DeviantArt. It'll take some time but I'm putting all my efforts into it. Please make sure to follow me if you're interested on reading the upcoming story :)
timberbloodymoonCP timberbloodymoonCP Oct 21, 2016
                              Me:BUT UR MY FRIENDS
                              Jeff:..oh ....DONT GO TO SLEEP WAKE UP
harrypotterfan722 harrypotterfan722 Dec 09, 2016
Me: Ok! -tries to wake up but fails- Give me at least 48 more hours of sleep!
Mangle0123 Mangle0123 Jul 23, 2016 you until it's 12 I won't wake up and has to be on a Tuesday
H0m32tuckTr42h H0m32tuckTr42h Dec 14, 2016
                              WAKE ME UP 
                              WAKE ME UP INSIDE 
                              CANT WAKE UP 
                              WAKE ME UP INSIDE 
                              SAVE ME 
                              CALL MY NAME AND SAVE ME FROM THE DARK
VanillaViolet11 VanillaViolet11 Dec 30, 2016
Nah. Wake me up when it's raining. I love rain, I live thunderstorms, I love lightning...