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MamaUnicorn By bworm59 Updated Sep 01, 2015

“You mustn’t ever look in the mirror, for you are hideous my child, shroud your face with a veil, show no soul the monstrosity that lay underneath...”

She was said to be unsightly, so revolting that all the mirrors in the manor were stripped from the wall. Her face so warped that she wore a veil wherever she went. Though she was the daughter of nobility, she was shunned by her family, forced to work as a scullery maid, and set to sleep with the servants. What happens when a handsome stranger appears at the manor seeking refuge? Will the lies and secrets kept hidden for years finally be unveiled?


Thank you for clicking on this book, trust me when I say there will be lots of love lies, jealously, and most importantly eye candy (don't worry I got your back on that). Also if your looking for a book to take you on a wonderful adventure, one that will make you laugh,cry, and toy mercilessly with your emotions, then I'll try my best to live up to that expectation. 

Other than that Please give this book a chance!!!! PLEASE!!

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-Mama Unicorn out

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Mamoonia Mamoonia Mar 03, 2016
HO....LY...CRAB. THIS BOOK IS AMAZING!!! I haven't even got to the first chapter yet.I'm squealing with excitement about this book. It'll probably be one of my favs on wattpad.Thanks for writing this!!!!
tracy_y tracy_y Nov 05, 2016
Loved how reading each line makes me more curious about the girl 😍. Do keep updating!
tracy_y tracy_y Nov 05, 2016
I think the girl is pretty lol well it's just my assumptions tho'
Cutepenguins11go Cutepenguins11go Nov 03, 2015
That's sad. I bet she is prettier than her mother but her mother just wants her to think shes very hideous
mercedesisboss mercedesisboss Oct 26, 2015
you should continue the story it is a great start and it look think it can become a top seller
SandraKock SandraKock Aug 07, 2015
It starts good. When will the next chapter be posted?  I can't wait to read it. :-)