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My Damn Guardian (Levi x Guardian Angel Reader)

My Damn Guardian (Levi x Guardian Angel Reader)

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amberwolf89 By amberwolf89 Completed

____________Your POV_____________
"WHAT DO YOU MEAN ONE MORE JOB!!!" You shout at your commander.
"I know your pissed off-" he begins to say, but was cut off by you.
"Pissed off, pissed off. Pissed off doesn't even begin to describe how angry I am!" You shout.
"Its just one more job." He reasons.
"No! I was suppose to be done after the last assignment!" You shout again.
"I know, but orders are orders. I mean these people need your help." Your Commander reasons.
"Why me." You whine.
"Because, you are the strongest guardian angel that we have." He says.
"Tch, fine. Who the fuck am I to guard now?" You ask impatiently.
"Well, your suppose to actually help humanity, and by doing so you are to paired up with their strongest soldier by the name of Levi Ackerman." He says.
"Tch, fine, just give me his files, along with anyone else that may be important there." You say.
"Taking the job seriously, I see." He says chuckling a bit.
"Even if I don't want this job, I'm still going to protect those ...

Snow_flake1125 Snow_flake1125 Jul 28, 2016
You already have a pain in your ass.....Eren...if you know what i mean
-DANGO- -DANGO- May 15, 2016
When you explain about Farlan... I wanted to cry. I love him so much..
Katsudonuu Katsudonuu Jul 09, 2016
"Those wings almost look like the-" 
                              (I interrupt Levi) 
                              "JIYUU NO TSUBASAAAAA~~~!!!!!"
GabiChi012 GabiChi012 Oct 09, 2016
why do I feel like when they say flap I think of me as flappy bird? @_@
Katsudonuu Katsudonuu Jul 09, 2016
XD* I'm sorry I have OCD with comments as well as my bedroom ;-;
Misaki1800 Misaki1800 Aug 22, 2016
I laughed so damn hard when she explained his whole life and left him speechless I AM CRYING XDDDD