Heated || Devin Booker

Heated || Devin Booker

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lex By tho2380 Updated Dec 04, 2015

Alexa's POV

It's a warm and mild Tuesday in Lexington , Kentucky. The college I attend and play basketball for is located here . Most of you know or heard of the Kentucky Wildcats , well that's where I attend college at . Anyways , I'm in my class right now looking outside . Not really looking at anything , just thinking . Thinking about how blessed I am to have the opportunity to play basketball for my dream college . I'm snapped out of my thoughts by my teacher Mr.Wilson

"Are you paying attention Ms.Thomas?" 

I quickly avert my attention to the front of the classroom , quickly scanning the chalkboard to see any evidence of what we are discussing but , it's not to be found . I sigh , looking Mr.Wilson in the eyes 

"Sorry sir, I was not paying attention . I was thinking about something."

"Care to tell us what you are thinking about?"

"Oh it's nothing important."

"Alright then, anyways class-"

The alarm I have set on my phone which all the girls basketball players have cut Mr.Wi...

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coachcurry coachcurry Oct 03, 2016
I'm going to start counting how many times he smirks because it's not like he does it 39384939!58 times
zy6nnah zy6nnah Jul 30, 2015
Soooo happy I'm finding so many great Devin stories :,) ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
jasschaffer jasschaffer Jul 12, 2015
This was really good. I'm interested in what will happen next!!
jasschaffer jasschaffer Jul 12, 2015
I hope she's going to be ok. Cause um...homeboy was not playing with her!!!
jasschaffer jasschaffer Jul 12, 2015
He can't be walking up to people like that. Does he know how good he looks? Geeeeeez!!! Come on Dev!! ❤️
Tay_Lay_21 Tay_Lay_21 Jul 12, 2015
Wow this chapter escalated quickly! But I like it though! ❤