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Pen Your Pride
The Delinquent's Version Of Never

The Delinquent's Version Of Never

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Mary or Raven By TheScarredWolf Updated Feb 22

Lily Crown. What's the first thing that comes to mind? Innocent right? Wrong! She's the biggest delinquent there is. She makes keying the principle's car look like finger painting in kindergarten. She's been to jail 7 times! The things she does leaves everyone in shock. She's been kicked out of 22 schools in each country. Her permanent record is a file a foot thick. She has made the up most respected schools crumble, literally. Tell her what to do and you'll wake up in your underwear, floating in a lake on a mattress, with every single person laughing. Oh and she video tapes everything she does and posts the outcome on YouTube. 
	Her parents are the richest, most respected lawyers ever. She hates them. For most of her life she was forced to blend and be the biggest nerd ever known to ANY school ever. She got fed up with it. She threw everything away and became who she REALLY was. She started wearing black, dark blues, dark purples, and neon colors. She changed her hair from always in a tight, blond (dyed) bun to her natural black hair. She dyed it dark blue and pink streaks and let it flow in natural smooth waves. She got tattoos and piercings.
	She comes home one day to find a note. And she can't believe what is reads. Her parents left her and are sending her to a "Safe Haven" for "troubled teens". Her already bad anger issues turn worst. She snaps at EVERYONE and vowed never to let ANYONE in ever again. And this delinquent's version of never is never easy to crack............  
	But at this school Lily attracts the interest of the badest of the bad. Will they destroy her or become her new family she longs for? Or will they all turn on her the moment they find out what happened in her past to make everyone leave? Will they be like everyone else and turn their back on her or stick with her with worst comes to worst?   
	A story that will make you cry, scream in annoyance, and laugh until you can't breathe.

**Cover Credit due to Hazza_Bear_Love**

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FuckinYou- FuckinYou- Feb 20, 2016
One comment! No No No No No No! This needs like a zillion comments!! (Is zillion a number? Eh...I don't care)
MrForgetable MrForgetable Feb 26, 2016
EEEEEKK I CAN'T WAIT TO START READING but i hope this isn't one of the story's where the badass girl turns all mushy and crap
sillygirlcute sillygirlcute Mar 02, 2017