Teenage dirtbag ;g.d [ editing ]

Teenage dirtbag ;g.d [ editing ]

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"i'm new here, will you show me to my classes?"

"do i have to?"

"it would be nice..."

KaylenAngel KaylenAngel Oct 12
When I saw this book I almost screamed "WHEATUS"😂😂 I hate myself hahaha
This is creepy, I have a book called bad girl it's an Ethan fanfic and it started kinda like this .-. I just read this story today omg.
I actually like his middle name, it's cute, like it makes him different 😂
The story of my life nearly slipping and killing my self going down stairs!! 😁😁😁😂😂😂
I shouldn't be reading this, I have to do that next year.  fück me.
stressfool stressfool Feb 03
*freckles. U good dude believe me I know how hard it is. But I still love you books, bro. your a savage.