Love without barriers #wattys2017

Love without barriers #wattys2017

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Alpha danni By white-wolf-girl Completed

The lightening struck and the thunder let out yet another terrifying roar, I hate storms no really I really hate storms.

Seconds later the door opened revealing Derek with a shocked face.

"Cas what are you doing here" he asked, he hasn't seen yet.

I walked in with my head down scared of what will happen "I-I couldn't stay there i-it's getting to much..." He cut me off with a voice so dangerous.

"Cas look at me..." But I ignored I could "I said look at me cassie!" He shouts making my head snap towards him.

He stood in shock at my bruised face then he exploded "WHO THE FUCK DID THIS TO YOU!!" He shook, God I have to calm him down.

I pull him to me and smack my lips into he's, he held me tight as he pulled away. Tears slid down my face I done doing what everyone tells me. "what are you doing" he stroked my face. 

I stare at him then answer "I want you" "it's forbidden you know this" I kiss him again "when your in love rules just don't matter" 

Join the journey of a ROUGH!! love!!

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kdm_11 kdm_11 Feb 16
For some reason I thought of when Harry declined Draco’s offer of “friendship” when it says “ I pick my own friends” 😂
StefLena StefLena May 05, 2017
It's amazing how a story can have so many misspelled words in it, but all the curse words are spelled perfectly correct. Grab a book and learn...
Softclix Softclix Jul 14, 2016
Leather...maybe? Or do you mean ( in sports jacket)