Cold Intent  (A Naruto Fanfic)

Cold Intent (A Naruto Fanfic)

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Loki Senpai (ロキ先輩) By lokekoli Updated Feb 08, 2016

Haruka is an Uchiha, but doesn't look or act like one. Born with plain features and a high IQ, Haruka was treated as an outcast by her classmates and clan. One day, the third Hokage chooses her to go on an exchange to Kirigakure. But when Haruka returns, No one expected this to happen...


CP_Dollhouse CP_Dollhouse Sep 08, 2016
If I'm friends with the Hokage, why can't he tell my parents and the chilren too STFU and GTFO
GraceHolbrook6 GraceHolbrook6 Aug 29, 2016
Im listening to music and the naruto soundtrack is playing while im reading this!!
Metalicana Metalicana Nov 20, 2016
Whine?? Dear sister only dogs whine... oops sorry my bad, I forgot that your are the female.
Metalicana Metalicana Nov 20, 2016
Seriously nigga. I mean I know my brain is bigger than yours and that I'm going to live longer than you. That doesn't mean you need to be a jealous sissy brat about it.
Well damn.I'mma go psycho on them now. No permission needed. 😡👹
CharaSociopath CharaSociopath Sep 21, 2016
                              **Turns around**
                              And look, it's someone who wants to get they're face punched in.
                              ** Go's psycho on them **