polarize // phan

polarize // phan

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sopho By nagisigh Updated Aug 28, 2016

"the world isn't just black and white, you know."

the year is 1994. philip lester has been brought up with the most religious of ideals, in a highly christian household. he attends church every sunday, says grace at the dinner table nightly, prays as often as possible, and wouldn't ever dream of disobeying his parents.

that is, until, he meets dan howell, his polar opposite.

-intentional lowercase-

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unhappyy- unhappyy- Aug 02, 2017
im muslim but Im all for gay rights, it makes me happy that people are free to love whoever they want.
TwoHappyBoysFPE TwoHappyBoysFPE Jul 19, 2017
he actually just ran out in the middle of the service ? lolol i feel you phil
Phanof Phanof a day ago
"the eerie slamming of the orgasms" hello i'd like to book a flight to hell in advance
Phanof Phanof a day ago
i go to church (because i was supposed to be a GoOd ChRiStiAn LiL gUrL lol i'm very gay and ehhhhh) and we blast tøp and "worship" to weird but catchy british people rapping.
ILittleDemon ILittleDemon Jul 18, 2017
Wtf, ,e ear just made a weird ringing sound, and all I could hear was the ringing. Like, am I going def?
SmallSadMoon SmallSadMoon Aug 28, 2017
Nonono you got it wrong! Its actually
                              scrawny HOT bible kid.
                              Bye now