Stalker (Kellic) (boyxboy)

Stalker (Kellic) (boyxboy)

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(Kellic) Single, living alone, well, not so much since Lynn and Matty practically live there with him, and starting a new job. That's Kellin Quinn. He has the looks, he has the personality. He just can't find the one.

Until he meets his boss, that is.

Hottest bachelor in New York City, smart, dashingly good looking. That's Vic Fuentes. There isn't anything wrong with him.

Kellin couldn't help but be a bit clumsy and spill his cold coffee all over Vic though.

"I'm sorry, sir." 

It took only three words. Three words to know that Vic wanted this boy in the palm of his hand. Three words to want to feel his skin. 

Three words to want him.

Seriously. Like I love my friends but this is grounds for friend removal.
Literally have done this by mistake. To which they stared at me and all the color left my face. I followed it with 'did I say that out loud?' then I ran the fuckkkk out of there.
                              THIS IS MY FAVORITE THING
                              idk why but I love when you can see a guys jaw visibly clench
Oh..... Umm something tells me you're supposed to call him mr Fuentes.