Team Free Will Assemble

Team Free Will Assemble

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MrsImpala67 By MrsImpala67 Updated Nov 16, 2016

Avengers/ supernatural crossover

Dean and Sam are on a normal case hunting a Wendigo. Until everything changes when Dean meets Captain America and ends up saving his Stars & stripes butt.

What could happen next? 


I do not own any of the characters (Captain America, Dean, Sam, etc.) They belong to The CW or Marvel. So koodos to them :)
The only character I own is Ray. 

F.Y.I, Idk if I will continue this if it doesn't become popular. My goal is to at least get 1k who have read it... 


YourCoolDad YourCoolDad May 02
I'm trying not to freak out because I'm in my 1st period class.
We'll for the angels and demons they are kind of cockroaches heh
AngelicAvenger11 AngelicAvenger11 Dec 14, 2016
Oh GAWD. Wait.... this is like the 100000000000000000th time
Dawn_The_Mochi Dawn_The_Mochi Dec 12, 2016
Person: It's ok. My favorite character died too.
                              Me: -_- Not 50 times in a row.
BubbleButt2018 BubbleButt2018 Nov 16, 2016
Dean cussing out Cap. Awesome. This chapter was really good!
Dawn_The_Mochi Dawn_The_Mochi Dec 12, 2016
Oh my chuck, last week I was haveing the Tuesday problem. It was wendsday and I thought it was Tuesday and my friend told me the next day was Tuesday and that yesterday was Tuesday so I fell to my knees and said "TODAY IS TUESDAY BUT YESTERDAY WAS TUESDAY TOO!!" XD