Hello Baby! {Discontinued for now}

Hello Baby! {Discontinued for now}

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ZhōuLìn(Hiatus) By Huizi_ZhouLin Completed

Minah was left by her mother at the age of 3. Her mother couldn't take it anymore, losing her jobs left right and center. And caring for Minah. Minah's mother decides to leave her on EXO's door step. Will EXO take care of Minah? Or will they abandon her?


Completed until further notice ( I have too may stories going on... and I am also terrible at finishing things...)

  • baekhyun
  • chanyeol
  • chen
  • exo
  • kai
  • kris
  • luhan
  • lấy
  • sehun
  • suho
  • tao
  • xiumin
Leilei_808_ Leilei_808_ Jun 27, 2017
Geez krease dont scare her, but still feminine lulu and chubby baozi😂
legit_trash_af legit_trash_af Jul 23, 2017
But like Why are we even questioning why they have dolls when they're all basically five
sueuoppa sueuoppa Apr 30, 2017
Use the Pororo kids chopsticks, just like the ones Seojun and Seoneon use!
Im_Just_Fine Im_Just_Fine Aug 14, 2017
I never thought I would see the day someone would say that XD
berryjeon berryjeon Jan 25, 2016
I'd be dying. Since lay is my bias in EXO M. (Kai is my EXO K bias)