Ace Problems

Ace Problems

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Berri and Larry By TheAmazingAces Completed

problems that asexual individuals face!

irritating, annoying, and just plain stupid problems will be listed here.

asexual? face a problem often? comment it below and there's a chance it'll be featured in a chapter!

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When people ask if you can have romantic feelings
                              *large sigh*
                              *small smile*
                              *opens dictionary* Now, we will start with the definitions of asexual and aromantic
Ace problem: parent telling you that you will have sex with someone of the opposite gender and enjoy it
I just figured out that I was ace like a few days ago, so I'm not quite sure whether I'm aromatic or what. I'm researching what I might have to go through
poppkoarn poppkoarn Jul 08
Gray-aromantic ace here! I used to think I was akoiromantic, but, yeah, I now know I'm not.
JadedTato JadedTato Aug 24
hello, yes aces are cool and natural and perfectly fine, but if you think you're ace please check to see if you have a hormonal imbalance. you probably won't, but it's worth checking!
                              love y'all
You know that feel when your friends are all talking about losing their virginity and their significant others, and then there's you in the corner, ten fingers up in Never Have I Ever