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Ace Problems

Ace Problems

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Berri and Larry By TheAmazingAces Completed

problems that asexual individuals face!

irritating, annoying, and just plain stupid problems will be listed here.

asexual? face a problem often? comment it below and there's a chance it'll be featured in a chapter!

I just figured out that I was ace like a few days ago, so I'm not quite sure whether I'm aromatic or what. I'm researching what I might have to go through
lowerrr lowerrr Apr 15, 2016
ok so i dont know about anybody else but when people say "sex is the same thing as love" or when they call sex "making love" like no its called sex
nerdsarefab nerdsarefab Dec 18, 2016
I am currently ace, but I actually think I might be grey-ace, but I'll still go under the umbrella i guess
-Mouse- -Mouse- Nov 21, 2016
"Do you like guys?"
                              "Oh, so you like girls"
                              "So your Bi?"
                              Me- nah fam 
                              Me- try again
                              "You have to like someone! What are you just going to be lonely your entire life?"
                              Me- Yep that's the plan
                              Aegosexual here.
                              "Used to be known as autochristosexuality. Many people in the asexual community have found, that a fair amount of individuals that do not experience sexual attraction to people, experience arousal to sexual activities that they are not involved in."
taeisthebae taeisthebae Jun 09, 2016
How about when people say "you'll think differently when your hormones kick in".
                              My hormones have been here since fourth grade and they haven't done crap.