Coming Home (Laxus x Cursed Dragon Slayer! Reader)

Coming Home (Laxus x Cursed Dragon Slayer! Reader)

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Aaron Cahn By gingerriverspirit Updated Mar 08

~~ Your POV ~~

Things were going great. I am a member of Fairy Tail, I have a boyfriend who can be cold sometimes, but he is very kind and caring. We became mates about a month ago, and even have the mate marks to prove it. Everything was the way it usually was. Natsu and Grey fighting, Gajeel eventually joining in on the fight, Erza trying to stop the fight, Levy and Lucy were chatting about books, Happy trying to give Carla his fish, Alzac and Bisca were playing with their daughter, Asca, Wendy was talking with Romeo, Evergreen was scolding Elfman about his obsession with the word 'man', and Mira was trying to ship people. Or at least it was before I felt like I couldn't hold my breakfast down. I quickly ran to the lady's restroom, ignoring my name being shouted with concern. I made it to the toilet, and let's just say things did not get pretty. After a few minutes, deciding I was done, I washed up. 'God! What was that all about?! Am not sick, am i?' I thought to myself just as Levy...

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