my dear shadow (Rolu Rogue x Lucy)

my dear shadow (Rolu Rogue x Lucy)

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FT_Fanfic_Reader By FT_Fanfic_Reader Updated Jul 12, 2015

"Hey Luce i need to talk to you in private"said Natsu. Lucy just nods as they both exit the guilds doors.

"What do you need to talk about Natsu?"Lucy asked curios.

"Im not gana say this the nice way well... everyone thinks you're weak and i liked to kick you off team Natsu couse im going to replace you for Lisanna."he said rubing the back of hes head.

"So you think im weak too?"Lucy asked.

"Um......yes.....maybe..... kinda.... i mean you can....."he got cut off by Lucy.

"Natsu.. i thought you were deferent"Lucy said bitinher lips. "Well don't you dare speak to me familiar again. You're nothing to me just another member of the guild. So dont say another word" Lucy said walking away.

Sheenterd the guild not bothering to say hi she knows what everyone thinks of her. "Hey Lucy you ok?"asked Mirajane kinda worried.

"Why are you talking to a weakling like me?"asked Lucy.

"So you heard huh.. well i dont think you're a weakling"said Miajane psssing a milkshake to Lucy.

"I'll be gone f...

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