Spaces Between Us (Petekey)

Spaces Between Us (Petekey)

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Pete gravitates towards Mikey. He doesn't mean to, but he's always been a sucker for brown eyes and half smiles that have secrets hidden behind them.

Patrick and Andy warn him about Mikey Way. He tries to listen to them, about the rumors that talk about Mikey's older brother and how Mikey is a "bit weird", but why listen to rumors when you can listen to Mikey Way talk, like actually talk, instead?

They sit together, huddled in the back of the classroom, whispering. Ms. Ped doesn't notice. Or maybe she does notice, but doesn't care. Pete couldn't care less. 

Mikey whispers about bass guitars and coffee and lame parties he's been to. As September moves along, he tells Pete about his older brother and the music he plays and his weird-ass dreams. 

Pete listens to everything he says. 

High school AU where Pete Wentz is in love with Mikey Way and honestly has no clue.