Yes, Master (Ereri /Riren)

Yes, Master (Ereri /Riren)

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♔アーティスト♚ By Uniqueblu3 Updated Jan 03

How would you feel if your father sold you for drugs? 

That's exactly what happens to Eren Jaeger. He's being sold to the drug kingpin, Levi Ackerman. 

And Levi isn't new to the game. 
He created it. 

[Very long chapters. Minimum 3000 words to 7000.]

This is insanely, insanely kinky. 

Warning : this story contains hard yaoi smut, boyxboy, rough sex scenes, vulgar. BDSM!! 

It's being translated from Bulgarian (the Larry story Yes, Master with changes.)  18+

*gets a wiper* ummm Eren let me get the lip stick for you xp
Damn Levi keep your horny needs till later 
                     will make a fabulous smut scene
*raises tree over head* BITCH STEP BACK OR I WILL RELEASE IT
I would just be too lazy to do anything but be sarcastic and just go along with everything lol..... that's not a good sign is it 😂 haha
Eren I'll save you !!!!!!!! 
                              *sees a piece of chocolate * maybe later
ok i have not read the story yet but the discription was litterly the axact thing in a story i was looking for so thank you aouthor-chan your my saver