Lust // g.d.

Lust // g.d.

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Dōlānfxçk By daddydolan Updated Jan 02, 2017

The Arctic. A place of desolation, emptiness, coldness. Yet here thrives an army that seeks solutions for the world that has now fallen under a resource fatigue. Ray, a seventeen year old girl is simply a soldier, yet she becomes part of the main problem as soon as she meets Grayson Dolan. Grayson Dolan, the leader of The Compound. And what comes after is not what was expected, nor wanted. 


WARNING: This story contains strong use of mature words, sexual content, and physical abuse/fighting. If you feel uncomfortable with reading this story, I suggest you find another story to read :)! Thank you and enjoy. (If you want to translate this ask for permission first.)

negativedolans negativedolans Dec 13, 2017
Don't you just lay in bed at 3:00 am sometimes and think to yourself about what you should've said in a argument 2 years ago?
-quileute -quileute Mar 27, 2016
Everyone's thinking about Luke Hemmings and I'm just like "pack?! Tf?!! Is she a damn wolf??"
okokdolan okokdolan Jan 28, 2016
am i the only one who's still confused after reading this....
nostalgicarla nostalgicarla Oct 18, 2016
Finally a fan fic that actually has good grammar and writing omg
forxever_ forxever_ Oct 22, 2015
wow I really lie how you wrote this! I have never seen a dystopian fanfic :)