Pokemon Logic

Pokemon Logic

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Pokémon logic at its finest.

Warning: Do not drink any liquids while reading this, as you may laugh so hard that you choke XD

Warning: do not read this at night, as you may laugh so loud that you wake up your family XD

Hahahaha, I'm dead. 
                              "Now, tell me. Are you a boy or a girl?"
                              But honestly what would you expect from a man unable to remember his GRANDSON'S name...
Pokefictions Pokefictions May 30, 2016
You try and try and try. But you don't ever catch it so you set yourself on fire and then jump in the pond and become a gyarados. LOGIC PEOPLE
Owen_Dee Owen_Dee May 12, 2016
Gyrados is only 6.5 meters long and only weighs 235 kg. They never tell us how deep the pond is.
King_Silly_Smilez King_Silly_Smilez Apr 17, 2016
How would it fit in a pokéball? Maybe it's #BiggerOnTheInSide (Doctor Who Reference)
Supachu Supachu Apr 19, 2016
Maybe the magika evolved into the gyardos as soon as you catches it?
- - Mar 06, 2016
Eh, Entei, Raikou, and Suicune are able to hide in a two-inch patch of grass. Best leave this thinking to the experts.