Graveyard Love - Andley (ON HOLD)

Graveyard Love - Andley (ON HOLD)

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Jinxx The Jinxxer By jinxxthejinxxer Updated Oct 09

Ashley is a troubled high school student who comes across a very handsome man that lived many years ago, he's a ghost now. Goes by the name 'Andrew Dennis Biersack', he  was famous in his time. 

Ashley falls in love with this spirit he meets, but the only problem is.. Spirits and humans simply cannot have any romantic relations and expect them to work out well.

// On hold

What is incense? I read about so many times but I never knew what it it like herbs or something?
Okay so, I'll re-read your stories on here now because they're :0000000 *-* :DDDDD <333 and also I want them in my library and I don't have a deviantart profile so I can only comment on here
IWashErePerson IWashErePerson Jul 17, 2015
I kept smiling at this. Youre a great writer and i love this book
Fallen_Angel1017 Fallen_Angel1017 Jul 16, 2015
Another awesome chapter! I read so many bvb fanfics, but I think yours are the ones I enjoy the most. Keep up the great work! X3
oh_the_irony oh_the_irony Jul 12, 2015
This is fantabulous! If it's anything like your other story's I will thoroughly enjoy this.  
                              Now update, slave
Levi_Ackerman-Ereri Levi_Ackerman-Ereri Jul 09, 2015
Dude. I love this! I love all of your stuff, really. I loved you neko Janxx story, it was fantastic.