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Danger | Tate Langdon x Reader | Book One

Danger | Tate Langdon x Reader | Book One

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ashlee winter By evanislyfe Completed

danger by doedeere.

Basically, you move from across the country to LA, California to 'bond' with your older sibling, Aiden, who just so happens to live in the infamous Murder House. The Murder House has a terrifying yet interesting history from a doctor obsessed with rearranging animal parts to a woman who set herself and her daughters on fire. Will this 'other side' and it's history get in between you and your so-called 'bonding'?

if any questions or concerns arise in ya'll's pretty little minds please feel free to send me a private message. :)

Cliquemate Cliquemate Oct 22, 2016
Nooo I hated Violet's fashion sense 😠.   Oh well.  Not my book/shoe
MayisGone MayisGone Nov 16, 2016
So I'm like Violet 2.0. Btw what would happen to Violet bc she's Tate's girl and apparently she's tied to this property..?
OceanValdez OceanValdez Nov 21, 2016
I would of been like "nope nope nope nope nope" and ran the hell out of there
I've had sleep paralysis before...and it was with a of my worst fears
I love memes and dank memes and all that jazz, but that meme has got to be my least favorite. It is just so annoying
ikaitlyni ikaitlyni a day ago
i like how people are saying they're from these places then there's me from illinois