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Dear Benjamin

Dear Benjamin

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Lily By fictionaddictions Completed

Benjamin Hanson and Danielle Foley fell in love almost instantly after, quite literally, bumping into each other. 
Their love was something else, something anyone and everyone could feel. 
Their love was pure.
It radiated off of them. It was special. 
It was special until everything started falling apart.

[Extended blurb inside]

Zwiggles Zwiggles May 21, 2016
Oh my god. I am blown away. A boy I like at school. His name is Benjamin but everyone calls him Ben. The reason I started liking him is when he bumped into me and apologized a bunch of times. And then after that I said "it's okay". And he had dimples. I am really freaked out rn.
OneWiththeRain OneWiththeRain Nov 05, 2016
But actually...dedicated to Jude. Because I ruined everything so now you hate me...but I still love you. There's so many stories behind those words.
fatutini fatutini Jan 26
No se como pase inglés hay palabras que desconosco pero aún así seguire  leyendo
ShayeCakes ShayeCakes Jul 06, 2016
I almost literally choked when I read the name "Benjamin" in the title. For reasons that should be kept private
Estellakk Estellakk May 20, 2016
Seriously I'm in love with your writing, it's so unique and refreshing!
always_eden_food_ always_eden_food_ May 16, 2016
THANK YOU FOR MAKING HIM HAVE GREEN EYES! I looooveee green eyes! Plus everyone in books has blue eyes now adays, it's annoying and original.