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Married to the Bad Boy

Married to the Bad Boy

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CanULikeTurnIn2Dust By CanULikeTurnIn2Dust Updated Nov 26, 2016

"You're obliged to sleep with me." When Sterling said that I was three seconds away from slapping that smirk of his face, but seeing as we were surrounded by people, I decided not to. 
"I'm obliged to no such thing." I turned to leave with my champagne glass in my hand when his palm closed around my elbow halting me. To everyone else we must seem like a cute couple talking. But the grip and the glint in his eyes said the complete opposite. 
"That ring on your finger says otherwise, darling.

Aedan Hart never had luck in her life, ever since she was a kid she got the complete opposite for what she wished. So when she wanted to be married to a gentleman, the opposite happened. When she wanted to find love, we was arranged. And when she wanted someone who loved her, she found someone who couldn't stand her presence.

Rikuheart123 Rikuheart123 Nov 03, 2016
i already love her so much i am just like her and if my husband did wht he does he does not have a home with me 9 i dont have a husband)
lheirico lheirico Nov 27, 2016
Ouch! If I were her, I'll buy him a separate washing machine.
xxxxxxxxoo xxxxxxxxoo Sep 07, 2016
finally!!! a story where the woman DOESN'T depend on a man.LOVE IT!
Rikuheart123 Rikuheart123 Nov 03, 2016
i would cut off the account as well i dont want a drunk bitch spending my money and i dont even like him for that
WordsPutTogether WordsPutTogether Jul 05, 2015
Dude This Is Cray 
                              Damn Finally A Girl Who Doesn't Depend On The Guy 
                              Update Soon 
                              Love It So Far Can't Wait To Read Further
rickrodan1000p rickrodan1000p Jul 05, 2015
i hate the stories in which they fall in love! i wish that they wouldn't fall in love or at least give him a run for his money, it seems that i have found just that. keep going!