Taming my Badass Luna

Taming my Badass Luna

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뷔 By YeppeunSlowPoke Updated Feb 04

"Ysabelle, say it" Adrian said while kissing the crook of my neck.

"N-no" I want to hold it yet I also want to break down. I want to kiss him hard, I want to feel him, to touch him.

"I want you to say it Ysabelle" He start kissing the part of my neck where he'll soon mark me.

"Still a no" He tightened his grip on my waist. I stay still, restraining myself from moaning.

"Are you saying you'll reject me?" He asked still teasing me, brushing his lips on the sensitive skin.

"Ofcourse--" he pulled me towards him and hug me even more while kissing my neck aggressively "...not." That's it, I broke down on his arms. I feel him smirk.

"Adrian..." I moaned his name. He stiffen but start kissing my neck once again.

"Ma-mark me Adrian" I feel his smirk widen and kiss me on my lips.

Credits to the owner of the picture I used and edited for this story's cover photo. Thankyou :)

I'm warning everyone that you might encounter a lot of bad words  so yea. Read at your own risk.

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