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~ Based on the song 'Roses' by Chainsmokers.~

"I'll be your daydream, I'll be your favourite thing." // "I turned him to gold, and took him higher." 

Mira Sassani is an 18 year old actress who has been Hollywood Royalty since she was a baby. From staring in several hit 90s television series to multi million dollar movies to landing her own series only at the age of just 18. 

On her breaks from the spotlight she relaxes at family's home with old films, classic books and hot drinks but that's all turned upside down when another A-Lister  moves in next door and disrupts the peace. 

With girls every night and loud parties every other, the smell of weed drifting in through the window - Mira has finally had enough. But what happens when she decides to confront this gorgeous A-lister for the first time...?

#RosesFF // Siennaisa 2015. 
All Rights Reserved.

cami_cane cami_cane Jul 30
I love her. I'm annoyed that people say she's a bitch!!! I wanna be just like her
"Books are a uniquely portable magic" - Stephan King. Your books are definitely this ❤
They aren't even like that in real life and its a book....and fanFICTION!
moonxbizzle moonxbizzle Jul 22
                              They hatters can fvck off 
                              I love MIRA 
                              SHE SLAYS ME
stephym stephym Jul 23
Wtf why would they hate Mira if me hat they should be doing is admiring her attitude && ho she thinks for herself && isn't afraid to be herself && talk for herself
Snowrauhl Snowrauhl Jul 22
I love every inch of the story don't worry sienna 😏❤️