His Eyes | Klaine

His Eyes | Klaine

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"His eyes gave me hope that we had a future. Even if he couldn't see me with them yet."

*   *   *   *

As a barista at the Lima Bean, Blaine sees plenty of faces daily, but none of them stick in his mind. It's all fleeting glances at faces of people that he'll never know, or glares at the impatient assholes that bother him. 

That is, until he met Kurt.

Recovering from a serious car accident that has left him temporarily blind, Kurt Hummel was not excited to see pitch black for the next two months. But when Blaine's fingers brush his as he hands him his coffee, color overwhelms his sight, brightening up his world. And he's not complaining.

They know that the connection between them is undeniable. And they both can see it, even though one of them is blind.

|| DISCLAIMER: I do not own Glee. It all belongs to the incomparable Ryan Murphy. Please don't sue me. ||

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“I swear to Streisand I’ll steal your vogue magazines”😂😂
Am I the only one that wants to know what the accident was or no?
How funny would it be if he accidentally put on his Lady GaGa outfit he wore when they were doing GaGa Week
Zen-chan Zen-chan May 29
For your information, he is that five foot seven guy that's just Kurt's type. American Boy reference!
Ziams_Trash Ziams_Trash Oct 14
If he is Hobbit at five ft 8 then I guess I'm one of snow-white's Dwarfs
He's 5'8"...that's tall in my family
                              (my sisters and I are all under 5'2", my mom is 5'4", my dad is 5'7", and my brother is 5'9")