Jurassic World (Zach Mitchell fanfic)

Jurassic World (Zach Mitchell fanfic)

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❝There's nothing like a near-death experience to bring people together.❞ In which a girl and a boy meet at the most famous theme park, Jurassic World. Spending a week on an island roamed by dinosaurs might sound like a marvelous adventure, but what if the new deadly hybrid escapes and goes for a killing spree? Put two reckless teenagers in the middle of this calamitous situation and chaos will eventually erupt.

This story is based on the movie Jurassic World.


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I need a shirt with a sleeping indominus on it saying I'm not a morning person wake me up i rampage
Not gone lie that outfit is really ugly to me ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
roytheboi roytheboi Nov 18, 2016
girl, it was sierras fault the dinosaurs came out to play
                              girl, you forgot to call her
                              girl, girllll
- - Mar 23, 2016
Legit all I hear is Zach and Grays mom saying. "And remember, if anything chases you... Run."
- - Mar 23, 2016
*cries because it's to perfect* okay seriously I may declare this the best Jurassic World fanfic because it is absolutely amazing! There's so much details and rarely any grammar nor spelling mistakes. This is so much different than others and has a lot of potential! You are an amazing author! xx
BeccaBooBish BeccaBooBish Jan 09, 2016
Love it!!! I love how you put so much detail in it! You're a great writer.