Bad Boy Kisses

Bad Boy Kisses

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Infinity By notyarahoran Updated Dec 26, 2016

"By the way I'm Claire," I force a smile extending my arm and holding my hand out to him. My hand drops when I realize he isn't going to shake it any time soon. 

"And I don't care. " he rolls his eyes, and I frown at his harsh tone. 


Highest ranking: #11 in humour (8/31/16)

Cover by: saracticigirl


Daiyumn gurl!!! I already love this book fam!...I can't wait to continue reading! And Woah!!!!😍😍😍😍Francisco Ladhowski is sexy AF!! xx💖
For real 
                              I feel awkward when I pop at other person house
                              Especially school
Haha. Not mine. My parents would be like" Your staying at my friends house if you like it or not " and they won't change their mind😂
You're welcome to my room too, just leave the f-fûck b-b-boy out.
Im in Indonesia, and my school starts at 6:00, I have to get up at 4.30..
                              And in here, motorcycles are literally everywhere, even I drive one of my own😭
Hello, Amazon? Yes, I'd like an overnight shipment of a Fransisco.