Bad Boy Kisses

Bad Boy Kisses

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Infinity By notyarahoran Updated Sep 23

When Claire's mother leaves her for 2 months to pursue her modelling career, Claire is forced to live with her mother's best friend, Maura. What she didn't know was that Maura had a son, and she certainly didn't expect it to be the schools most arrogant, notorious, and stubborn bad boy: Alex Hunter.  Will Claire manage to break Alex's shell and get to know his soft side?  Can Alex prove to Claire that there is more to love than making out? But the real question is, how  much longer can she resist his bad boy kisses? A game of 21 questions, a bet, partying, and spontaneous acts. Claire's life takes a huge turn, and maybe it's for the better. 

Add a childhood friend, a player, a queen b, and let the story begin. This might not be your average bad boy book after all.

Highest ranking: #11 in humour (8/31/16)

Cover by: saracticigirl


Francisco Lachowski how dare you make my knees weak?!😩😍😭💗
I live with 2 older brothers ones 23 n the other one is 17 they're a pain in the asś considering I have cousins who aren't from the female population either
I have yet to see a wattpad girl who takes her time and cares about her outfits
Snitkiflu101 Snitkiflu101 6 days ago
No wonder Claire was so terrified, while Alex was driving Cinnamon he looks like how a crazy person would drive
I'm sorry, in My country  we have to be in school by 7:20, which means 7:15 is the ideal time to reach school, and because of that people have to wake at at FIVE OR SIX IN THE DAMN MORNING BECAUSE OF TRAVELLING TIME
                              It's been this was since we were 7, and I'm still not used to it. :(
CocoColie CocoColie Sep 10
8am is nothing. Not when you have to be at the bus stop at 6am. It sucks getting up that early.