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Caught in Spider's Web (BoyxBoy)

Caught in Spider's Web (BoyxBoy)

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krashingdown By krashingdown Updated Apr 18

The society is dominated by them. They roam the streets, thinking that they own the world. Well, to be honest, they do own the world. We, humans, occupy inferior positions in the society while they hold the important ones. They have the high-powered jobs while the best that humans can do is to get menial jobs. They are gifted with power, wealth, and good-looks, so of course it makes sense if humans must bow down to them. Kiss their feet, worship the ground they walk on, let them do whatever they want with us, the lowly humans. 
Don't let their crisp suit, their charisma, and their dazzling smile fool you. Behind all of them, there is a monster, lurking and waiting for the right time to pounce. 
And to top it all, they snatch away anyone that they like, whether it's a girl or a boy, and stake a claim on that poor person in the most barbaric way. They bite them, and lock them away from other people. Other people think that it is okay for them to do that as they are the ones who keep our society from falling apart. They are the ones that bring peace in the world. So it's okay for them to basically kidnap a human as an exchange for the 'effort' that they give to save humans from destruction. 
At least that's what they think. And unlike other humans, I'm going to change that.

This is a boyxboy story, so don't like, don't read

Some one try and take my child I'd bring a bat to his/her head
                                      Multiple times.
Ordering the coffin right now! We saying red velvet interior right?
3Ddragon 3Ddragon 6 days ago
Im here again because I have no clue what is going on. (I haven't been keeping up and I forgot, sorry.)
Cheesymargaret12 Cheesymargaret12 4 days ago
Holy crap, i just threw my phone away from me when i saw that XD
I'd annihilate the first idiot who would try to take away my kid... supernatural creature or not!
potatoryan potatoryan Dec 06, 2016
Ooooohhhhhhhhh , the cringe , the cringe is so hard core right now