Fall In Love With Playboy(Jungkook Fanfic)

Fall In Love With Playboy(Jungkook Fanfic)

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Chimchim246 By Chimchim246 Completed

Guy is just a jerk espicially him ughhh i hate him (minah)as shin minyoung

what wrong with her have blind eyes how dare she looks down at me(jeon jungkook)as jungkook

think u are to handsome,no ok u will never catch my heart(minyoung)

i am going to make your life like hell i promise u (jungkook)

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Goshdarnmaknae Goshdarnmaknae Mar 30, 2017
Me when I do my presentations at school. (Nobody claps TT_TT )
Cooki3sf0rlif3 Cooki3sf0rlif3 Nov 17, 2016
Uhm why is this fanfic soooo... Unorganized? I don't know how to say it but it's LiKe ThIs.. It'S doing capAtAlized letters... It's kinda annoying..
jungkook-minah jungkook-minah Nov 29, 2016
Minah girl's day,mina aoa,or mina twice???or u.just creact by u self????
eunjaejeon eunjaejeon Sep 21, 2016
Woow bacon what she do to you that making you want to make her life like hell??? 😕😒
SunsetTheory SunsetTheory Jan 07, 2017
hold up playgirl is tae.. wait woops it's not taehyung silly me
Kookie_iNSaNiTY Kookie_iNSaNiTY Dec 02, 2015
When I read this sentence,I was wondering....
                              WTF IS A PEEKY BOO? X3