Don't Forget {Yukine x Reader}

Don't Forget {Yukine x Reader}

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Zøe Baria By RawR_Ima_Dinozaur Completed

Yukine x Reader-chan 

DISCLAIMER:  I do not own Noragami or its characters, but I do own this story


_1randomgirl_ _1randomgirl_ 5 days ago
Is it weird i imagine the classsmates as water flooding into the classroom? 😂
homocchikoku homocchikoku Jan 28, 2016
Holy shyeeett. "You never really cared for being around many people, so an isolated spot was perfect for you alone. " describes my entire life
nekuswaifu nekuswaifu Feb 06
Teachers get pissed at me for drawing in class but not for reading manga or watching anime-
                              I LOVE MY SCHOOL
WorthlessWaifu WorthlessWaifu Nov 06, 2016
*says in yuno voice* yukki? Yuuki? Yukki!  Yuukiiii~ yuuki!!  Yukki~? Yuuki~!
People_Hate_Me_1e1z People_Hate_Me_1e1z Nov 25, 2016
AmazingSuggOnFire AmazingSuggOnFire May 28, 2016
Well.....*grabs a Yaoi magazine* I know you read this......*waves magazine*
                              Girl: *drools* MUST. HAVE. YAOI MAGAZINE!!! *snatches magazine from Lillian's hands*